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Denby Pottery Visitor Centre
Derby Road
Tel: 01773 740799

Just off the A38 North of Derby

  • The largest pottery company left in the UK, this has been the home of Denby Pottery for over 200 years and exports all over the world
  • Denby Pottery Village is a core part of the retail, tourist and leisure infrastructure of the area, with a strong repeat visit customer base of over 250,000 pa and 4.7 million people within a 60 minute drive
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  • The site is a combination of The Pottery Centre, Factory Tour and Museum, with 16,700 sq ft of retail space anchored on a 10,000 sqft Denby store
  • There is also a strong 2,500 sqft catering offer with Bournes restaurant and a newly opened Walter Smith Farm Shop
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